The Policy Committee of the Activities Board at Columbia exists to help us better serve our groups by reforming existing policies and developing new services to provide to groups. We appreciate group feedback, so please contact us at abc@columbia.edu with any suggestions!

Current Policy Initiatives

In previous semesters, our policy committee has focused on internal improvements to the Board’s governing and decision-making processes, which led to streamlining of our funding guidelines, group classifications, and allocation process. This semester, our board is working with the Office of Student Engagement, University Event Management, Student Councils, and many other parties on an array of different policy initiatives. To name just a few, our current list of initiatives include:

  1. Increasing efficiency of space usage at Lerner for student groups
  2. Establishing clearer and more efficient guidelines to de-recognizing defunct groups to free up resources for active groups.
  3. Obtaining an ABC Printer for groups to use to internalize printing costs
  4. Constitutional review of all groups to ensure that groups are abiding by rules

For a complete update on our policy initiatives this semester, please attend our Town Hall later in the Fall. Also, non-elected students are free to participate in our ABC Policy Committee. For information on meeting times and locations, please feel free to contact us at abc@columbia.edu.